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Wedding Shows

Try something different at your wedding, with a magic show!

Trevor can perform Close-Up and Stand-Up shows at your wedding for great entertainment, he can tailor a performance specifically to fit your special event. Trevor can entertain your guests whilst you and your partner are whisked away for photos. It’ll keep your guests humoured, occupied and gets everyone involved and mixing with each other. Don’t hesitate to ask Trevor today about what he can offer you!

Close-up at your wedding

With Trevor’s warm and approachable style, he creates talking points that really get the party going and leaves everyone with memories they will treasure for years to come.

  • Unique, close up entertainment; engaging your guests and creating a personal event for them.
  • No special tables or lighting, no stages or sound system required.
  • The perfect icebreaker for your guests means no more awkward conversation.

As your guests are mingling with others, or maybe relaxing after the meal, Trevor will freely walk around and mingle with the various groups, sitting or standing. Much of the magic happens right in your guest’s hands and/or in front of them, making it a fun, mystifying and memorable event. Leave your audience in disbelief with this unique form of entertainment.

Stand-up wedding shows

Stand-Up shows are one of Trevor’s most requested performances.The perfect ending to a perfect wedding. Creating an intimate atmosphere, Trevor will perform a mystifying show for your guests. There’s no stage area required, and a small table can be set up anywhere at your venue. Everyone can get involved as the performance is humorous and interactive, making it a highly entertaining event.

Watch the video below and read on to learn more.

“Trevor’s magic entertainment gave our wedding an extra dimension. He started by blending in as a guest and secretly keeping other guests entertained with close-up magic, while they were enjoying pre-reception drinks and nibbles. He then surprised everyone with an amazing stage show after our reception dinner. Our guests, along with us, had a really fun and enjoyable experience. Even though it was cold and stormy on our wedding day, Trevor managed to keep the atmosphere warm and relaxed. He is a talented entertainer who is able to take audiences into his world as soon as the show starts and leave them satisfied after the show finishes. We highly recommend him for all occasions, especially weddings.”
– Allan and Jennifer Wu