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Kid's Magic Shows

Make your child's birthday party one to memorable and exciting!

Children’s Entertainment and Birthday Shows

With the perfect blend of magic, comedy and fun audience participation, Trevor and his wife, Julie, create children’s entertainment tailored to the age of the kids present. It’s your child’s special day, so they always make sure that they are the star of the show.

During the 30-minute show you will see:

  • Lots of magic – Bright, colourful, and maybe a little noisy!
  • Comedy – you can’t forget the fun!
  • Audience Participation – The magic will happen right in the children’s hands! (Often they will be responsible for making it happen!)
  • Giveaways for the helpers – especially good if they have a sweet tooth!
  • Bunnies Rascal or Misty are also available for a magical appearance!
  • Entertaining fun for kids of all ages.

Meet Rascal!

Rascal was named through a competition we ran, and the name chosen fits perfectly as she has quite a mischievous personality! In fact, we thought we’d take the name a step further, as a nod to Bugs Bunny, and give her the full name of Rascal E. Rabbit!

Meet Toffee!

Toffee is a mini-lop rabbit who, after much debate and careful thought, is now a member of our team. After our shows, the children are welcome to come and look closer and to give her some of the attention she loves so much. If you’re considering giving us a call regarding your next children’s party, mention Toffee. Toffee is ready to make an appearance at your place!

Got older kids? Give a workshop a go.

For the slightly older kids, Trevor can spend an extra 10 minutes after the show to hold a magic workshop, where the children will learn some magic that they can take home and show their friends.

Need something extra?

Make the most of your children’s entertainment performance with a balloon show after the magic show! Julie can spend 30 minutes (for a small extra charge) after the show creating amazing animals out of balloons – always lots of fun for the kids.