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Up Close and Personal with an Endangered Species

We were down in Rotorua for Queens Birthday weekend, and there’s a place down there that I believe everyone should visit at least once. And once you’ve been, you’ll definitely want to go again. The place is called Wingspan, and it was set up for the conservation of New Zealand’s birds of prey – especially the New Zealand Falcon. As you may or may not know, the New Zealand Falcon is on the endangered species list and Wingspan was set up in the 1980s in an effort to prevent its extinctio...

August 19, 2017

Fireworks in Taupo

We’ve just arrived back from Taupo, where we performed a 40-minute show as part of the Guy Fawkes Fireworks Extravaganza. And an extravaganza it certainly was. We had an audience of an estimated 5,000 and we shared the bill with singing group The Mermaids, who sounded awesome. But, of course, the highlight of the evening was the fireworks and laser light show! It was literally the best display I’ve ever seen. It took them something like a week to choreograph the fireworks to the music, and i...

November 6, 2016

Birthday in the Park!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of performing at a 10th birthday in Tauranga. What made it so enjoyable (as well as the kids being so awesome) was the fact that the party was in the pavilion at Te Puna Quarry Park. For those not familiar with it, the park has been developed by volunteers, from a disused 32-hectare quarry. As well as native plants, there are variously themed gardens (Australian, succulent, Bonsai) as well as ponds, picnic areas, amazing views over the Bay of Plenty, and an absol...

October 15, 2016

Dinner on the Lake

Julie and I had a great time last night. We were fortunate to be invited to perform on the Lakeland Queen, which is a paddle boat that takes cruises out on Lake Rotorua. There were an estimated 150 people on board for a two-hour cruise that included dinner. I performed a couple of close-up sets around the tables and then Julie and I did a 30-minute show for the kids. If you’re looking for something different the next time you’re in Rotorua, then I highly recommend taking the Lakeland Queen. ...

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